We Love to inspire wanderlust to new destinations.

At Wander And Explore our goal is to design beautiful scratch off maps that you will love to display in your home or office. We are travel-lovers and we want to inspire the love of travel to others!

Our maps are designed to allow you to proudly display your past travels and to help you plan the next spot you will visit and scratch off your map. We hope that you are filled with Wanderlust (AKA- inspired to plan your next trip) every time you look at your map!

Unique Designs made for wanderlusters

Beautiful Travel Maps.

Rather than simply taking a standard (boring-looking) map design and adding a scratch off layer, we decided to create unique maps from scratch.

Check out a few of our unique map features:

Minimalist Design

We decided to design our maps with a simple minimalist design naming all the countries, states and major bodies of water. We didn’t want to clutter the map with map legends, city names or flags (like most scratch off maps). The result is a map that would look stunning with most any decor!

Beautiful Watercolor Map

Most maps that you find use dull colors on the background of the map.  Since we started from scratch creating our maps we decided to create our maps with beautiful, vibrant colors.  This is our first design that you see here- a unique map that truly looks like a piece of art and is designed to be a centerpiece for your home!

Scratch Off Map of The World | Deluxe Watercolor Wanderlust Edition | X-Large 24" x 36" | Beautiful Wall Art | Perfect Travel Gift | Includes Scratch Off Tools and Memory Stickers

Scratch Off Map Wander And Explore


How to scratch your wanderlust scratch off map!




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